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2015 Minnesota Skills Competition

Hosted by Hennepin Technical College, Eden Prairie Campus
Dinner provided by SunSource, Continental Hydraulics, and Power Systems

Student of the Year Award

One student, chosen by the instructors, from each school received the Student of the Year Award. Each recipient received a check for $100 donated by Chapter 5 and a gift certificate donated by JEM Technical. Recipients of the 2015 Student of the Year Award are:

  • Stefan Thomes – Alexandria Technical College
  • Mike Nedza – Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park
  • Jeff Wagner – Hennepin Technical College, Eden Prairie
  • Lance Wilson – Minnesota West, Granite Falls

Past Presidents Scholarship

Every year, a Past Presidents Scholarship is awarded to one student. This scholarship pays for one full year of tuition for the chosen student and amounts to over $6,000. It rotates yearly between the four colleges: Alexandria Technical College, Hennepin Technical College – Brooklyn Park, Hennepin Technical College – Eden Prairie, and Minnesota West – Granite Falls. Funding for this scholarship is generated from Chapter 5 past presidents. This year, Chapter 5 donated $1,200; the past presidents donated the remaining funds.


Pictured above: Chapter 5 Past President George Beniek presented the 2015 Past Presidents Scholarship to Ivan Kerpich, Hennepin Technical College, Eden Prairie.


Recipients of the 2015 Minnesota Skills Competition

(right to left)

  • 1st Place $600.00 – Mike Nendza – Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park Campus
  • 2nd Place $400.00 – Lance Wilson – Minnesota West, Granite Falls
  • 3rd Place $200.00 – Troy Sarkinen – Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park Campus
  • 4th Place $100.00 – Brandon Benson – Minnesota West, Granite Falls
  • 5th Place $50.00 – Tyler Hindricks – Hennepin Technical College, Eden Prairie Campus



The judges have the task of constructing the various tests, providing testing supplies, and administering and grading the tests. The judges are the backbone to the competition, and their efforts and commitment keep the competition on track.

(left to right) James Giroux, CFPS, Innotek; Heidi Kloskin, CFPS, JEM Technical; Bryan Anderson, CFPS, Oildyne Parker Hydraulics; Randy Meyer, CFPS, John Henry Foster; Scott Aldridge, Power Systems; Bill Hotchkiss, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPS, SunSource (Chicago); Jeff Arboquast, FleetPride; and Chris Mabin, CFPS, FleetPride

skills4The IFPS supports the Minnesota Skills Competition annually. Donna Pollander, ACA, IFPS Executive Director attended and presented a check to Chapter 5 for $1,250 to support the 2015 Skills Competition.

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