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Donation Dollars At Work

Thanks to the generous donations, the following scholarships, along with 17 others, were awarded to high-caliber students who are pursuing fluid power careers. The Fluid Power Journal will print a series of these scholarship acknowledgments in upcoming issues.

Scholarship Underwritten by J.H. Fletcher & Company

fpef-daniel-barta“Receiving this scholarship is an outstanding honor, and it has given me further confidence to push myself in my fluid power program. I can now put complete focus into my schoolwork because of the financial support this scholarship gives me.”
Daniel Barta, Hennepin Technical College

Scholarship Underwritten by Danfoss

fpef-andrew-hansen“Receiving this award is a great help in reducing my debt and gives me a real appreciation for the fluid power community. I look forward to participating in this industry and giving back just as it has given generously to me.”
Andrew Hansen, Iowa State University

Scholarship Underwritten by Bosch Rexroth Corp.

fpef-caleb“Paying to be a full-time student and working part-time makes money hard to come by. The gracious scholarship donation from the Fluid Power Educational Foundation, underwritten by Bosch Rexroth, was of great value towards continuing my education in the mechatronics field so I may pursue a career in fluid power following graduation. I would also like to thank my fluid power instructors, Mr. Steven Dick and Mr. James Simpson, for the knowledge I gained in fluid power.”
Caleb Blankemeyer, Northwest State Community College

Raymond F. Hanley Memorial  Scholarship

fpef-billups“I was astounded to be chosen for the Raymond F. Hanley Memorial Scholarship.  Mr. Hanley seemed to have been a very devoted and driven individual, which makes me delighted that my essay was chosen in honor of such a great man.  I specialize in Fluid Power Control Systems; it is an incredible feeling to be rewarded with a scholarship from a field that has engulfed my life for nearly four years.  I plan on using the pipefitter knowledge I have obtained to train the next generation of shop employees and build more efficient machines.”
Brandon L. Billups, Henry Ford College

Professor Emeritus Joseph A. Wendel Memorial Scholarship

fpef-kaur“I am extremely grateful and blissful that Fluid Power Educational Foundation recognized my competency and academic excellence. As an international student, this honor not only reflects my personal commitment to fluid power, but also gave me a glimmer of hope to accelerate my future career by worrying less about finances.”
Gurparkash Kaur, Centennial College

Richard Bardos Memorial Scholarship

fpef-bachman“As I began my college journey, I was uncertain of how I would pay for the expense of school. However, it seems as if I have been blessed at every turn. It is difficult to put into words the value that this scholarship is to me and my family. I would like to truly thank the committee, and I look forward to letting you know where this takes me.”
Andrew Bachman, Purdue University College of Technology

An FPEF memorial donation was made in memory of Richard Bardos, who passed away in 2013, with the request that the money be used for a student who displayed hard work and dedication—two qualities in which Richard firmly believed. Nathan Brace, Iowa State University, who earned the top score in the Board of Trustees’ voting process, received a $2,000 scholarship underwritten by the Richard Bardos Memorial Donation.

fpef paulson“I am very honored and thankful to be a recipient of the Fluid Power Educational Foundation scholarship for 2014.  I would like to say thank you to the selection committee for selecting me for this prestigious scholarship. This scholarship will help me finish paying for my Associates Degree in Fluid Power Engineering Technology. You have made a very positive impact in my life.  I am excited to move forward with my career in the Fluid Power industry.”
Dillon Paulson, Hennepin Technical College, Eden Prairie Campus

fpef miller“As a single parent who’s struggling with balancing work, parenting, and school, this scholarship will ensure that I can spend time with my daughter, as well as get a quality education. Thank you so much!”
Matthew Miller, CFPS, Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park Campus

fpef3“I am humbled to receive this scholarship as the donation was made in memoriam. Thank you to the family of Richard Bardos and the Fluid Power Educational Foundation for the scholarship award to support my education at Iowa State University.  As an engineering student interested in the fluid power industry, it is very much appreciated to help pay my tuition.”
Nathan Brace, CFPHS, Iowa State University

Corporate Scholarship Winners

Thanks to a generous donation, the following scholarships were underwritten by Corporate Sponsors:

fpef“Thank you for offering a scholarship dedicated to fluid power students! This scholarship will help me greatly when it comes to paying for school and achieving my goal of being a fluid power professional!”
Tyler Hinrichs, Hennepin Technical College – Eden Prairie Campus. Scholarship underwritten by The Donaldson Company, Inc.

fpef2“It is with great respect and gratitude that I thank you for the honor of being awarded a Fluid Power Educational Scholarship underwritten by Norgren, Inc. It will have a profound impact on my continued fluid power education. I am looking forward to finishing my degree and applying what I have and continuing to learn to the Fluid Power industry. This will enable me to accomplish that goal. I also would like to say how impressed I am of the commitment and support of the Fluid Power Educational Foundation. I know it has a great impact on all who received a scholarship.”
David Gilbertson, CFPS, Hennepin Technical College – Brooklyn Park Campus. Scholarship underwritten by Norgren, Inc.

To learn more about the Fluid Power Educational Foundation or how to become a Corporate Scholarship Sponsor, visit www.fpef.org or call 856-424-8998.

Support Education With the FPEF

Who are we?

A 501(c)(3), the Fluid Power Educational Foundation (FPEF) implemented a program to develop and support a network of schools with a strong focus on fluid power through curriculum guidance, assistance in acquiring hardware, and scholarship offerings.

At the direction of a small but dedicated volunteer Board of Trustees, the FPEF continues to seek ways to assist students and professionals in becoming well-educated fluid power industry specifiers, manufacturers, educators, and customers. With the assistance of industry, associations, and individuals, the Foundation acts to improve the presence and application of fluid power in a technologically advanced world.

What do we do?

The FPEF actively pursues funding for both its own educational initiatives as well as related opportunities for students and professionals in the fluid power industry. It constantly searches for opportunities that have content related to the study of fluid power and its associated technologies, including mathematics, science, and motion control.

FPEF encourages workers to enter the field of fluid power, and to do so with the best and most up-to-date educational background possible. If you would like FPEF to list your organization’s internship opportunities or scholarships, please email info@fpef.org.

Who benefits?

Students. Careers in fluid power are exciting, challenging, and rewarding. By connecting students with these opportunities, the Foundation positively impacts lives and livelihoods.

Educational institutions. Universities, technical colleges, high schools, and middle schools provide access to the young people who will become the professionals of tomorrow.

The fluid power industry. With better-educated individuals entering the workforce, the fluid power industry will be an excellent solution for years to come!

How can you help?

Take the opportunity today to help support education in the field of fluid power and its associated technologies in motion control. FPEF welcomes donations from individuals, companies, and associations. Donation methods available include online, by mail, and by fax. A memorial contribution honoring someone, either today or in the past, is also welcomed. Visit www.fpef.org or call 856-424-8998.

If you plan to attend a science fair, career fair, or any other industry fair that promotes science, math, and/or fluid power technology, please visit the resource page of www.fpef.org.

*FPEF is a 501(c)(3) so your donation is tax deductible. If your company becomes a corporate scholarship sponsor and takes advantage of the Fluid Power Journal’s advertisement benefit, your tax deduction will be minus the monetary value of the advertisement. You may opt out of the Fluid Power Journal’s advertisement, making your total contribution tax deductible. How to make your tax deductible* contribution: Contact FPEF secretariat by e-mailing info@fpef.org or by calling 856-424-9248.

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