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Certification Designations Available
Certified Fluid Power Accredited Instructor

Certified Fluid Power Authorized Job Performance Proctor

Certified Fluid Power Authorized Job Performance Proctor Connector & Conductor

Certified Fluid Power Engineer

Certified Fluid Power Specialist (Must Obtain CFPHS, CFPPS)

Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist

Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Specialist

Electronic Controls Specialist

CFPMEC – in development
Mobile Electronic Controls

CFPIEC – in development
Industrial Electronic Controls

Certified Fluid Power Master Technician (Must Obtain CFPIHT, CFPMHT, & CFPPT)

Certified Fluid Power Industrial Hydraulic Technician

Certified Fluid Power Mobile Hydraulic Technician

Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Technician

Certified Fluid Power Master Mechanic (Must Obtain CFPIHM, CFPMHM, & CFPPM)

Certified Fluid Power Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic

Certified Fluid Power Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic

Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Mechanic

Certified Fluid Power Master of Industrial Hydraulics (Must Obtain CFPIHM, CFPIHT, & CFPCC)

Certified Fluid Power Master of Mobile Hydraulics (Must Obtain CFPMHM, CFPMHT, & CFPCC)

Certified Fluid Power Master of Industrial Pneumatics (Must Obtain CFPPM, CFPPT, & CFPCC)

Certified Fluid Power Connector & Conductor

Fluid Power System Designer

Meet the IFPS 2015 President

MartiWendell-newsThe International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) is pleased to announce that Ms. Marti Wendel, CFPE, CFPS, CFPCC, was elected as the 55th president of IFPS during its annual meeting in Charleston, S.C. Ms. Wendel will take office in January 2015.

Ms. Wendel has served as IFPS vice president of education, as the Fluid Power Educational Foundation (FPEF)’s chair of trustees, and as chair of many IFPS subcommittees. During Ms. Wendel’s time serving as the 2011 FPEF chair of trustees, the FPEF and IFPS finalized a strategic alliance that has been a measurable benefit to both organizations. The mission of both the IFPS and FPEF is to promote fluid power education, which is paramount to the sustenance and growth of the fluid power industry.

“I am truly humbled by the vote of confidence given to me by my peers on the Society’s board,” stated Ms. Wendel. “The thought of following in the footsteps of so many exceptional and talented past presidents, whom I have revered, is at times overwhelming.”

Ms. Wendel is currently the global sales manager for Curtiss-Wright, Sprague, a manufacturer of high-pressure hydrostatic test systems headquartered in Brecksville, Ohio. She has worked for 25 years in engineering, sales, and marketing in the fluid power industry and earned her Bachelor of Science at Kent State University. Ms. Wendel strongly believes that holding an IFPS certification for the past 20 years has accelerated her success in the fluid power industry by allowing others to quickly identify her as a proven professional.

Best Practices and Beyond in Conserving Energy in Fluid Power System Designs

fluidpoweressenpracFluid Power Essential Practices by Raymond Hanley, CFPE/AI-Emeritus, is written to help individuals responsible for fluid power systems determine the difference between an efficient and an inefficient fluid power system.

Fluid Power Essential Practices presents an in-depth look at fluid power applications, as well as the reasons that make these essential practices so vital. With as much everyday language as possible and with technical jargon minimized, Fluid Power Essential Practices should reach purchasing agents, process engineers, and technicians alike through the use of drawings, charts, and pictures.

“Energy conservation has been much in the news of late. A topic often overlooked is the cost of transmitting energy via hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Fluid Power Essential Practices clearly defines the how-to’s of building and maintaining efficient fluid power systems, and indirectly touches upon another timely topic, that of sustainability,” said Jon Jensen, energy conservation manager at SMC Corp. of America. “If Mr. Hanley’s essential practices are followed, not only will hydraulic and pneumatic machines start out cool, quiet, efficient, and leak-free, but they’ll also stay that way! Fluid Power Essential Practices is a must-read for all designers, buyers, and users of fluid power equipment.”

Raymond F. Hanley, CFPE/AI-Emeritus, is a U.S. Navy veteran, has over 60 years’ experience in the fluid power industry, and has served on several fluid power industry boards of directors. His previous book, Fluid Power Math for Certification, has been reprinted several times. For more information about Fluid Power Essential Practices, visit the online store at www.ifps.org or call 800-308-6005.

IFPS 2015 Spring Meeting

February 25-28, 2015  •  Magnolia Hotel  •  Houston, TX
Register by visiting www.ifps.org.

Please join the IFPS for the 2015 Spring Meeting from February 25-28, 2015 at the Magnolia Hotel, Houston Tex.
In addition to committee and board meetings, optional tours are planned for Wednesday, February 25 and Friday, February 27. A technical workshop will be presented by Dan Helgerson, CFPAI, on Saturday, February 28.

Hotel Reservations
Hotel reservations can be made by visiting www.ifps.org or by calling the Magnolia Hotel directly at 713-221-0011. A discount hotel rate of $165 + tax /night has been secured. Be sure to mention you are with the International Fluid Power Society to get the group rate.  Reservations must be made by January 25, 2015.

Technical Workshop
Let’s Get Serious About Safety and Efficiency
Saturday, February 28, 2015  •  8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  •  Presented by Dan Helgerson, CFPAI
Fee: $150, lunch included

This workshop will explore two topics: Safety and Efficiency
The Safety portion of the workshop will cover the causes and dangers of fluid injection injuries, the horrible results of those injuries, and the timely and necessary protocol for the injured person, his or her manager, EMT personnel, the emergency room, and post-emergency room care.

The Efficiency portion of the workshop will explore how an individual can establish a baseline for determining how efficient a system is. An “energy challenge” will be presented for a hydraulic project and for a pneumatic project. Discussions and evaluations will be explored on workshop participants’ solutions for energy efficiency for each challenge.

Schedule of Events
Wednesday    2/25/15
8:00 AM    -    9:00 AM        Strategic Planning Meeting
9:00 AM    -    12:00 PM        Certification Committee Meeting
12:00 PM    -    1:30 PM        Lunch (on own)
1:30 PM    -    2:30 PM        Certification Committee Meeting (cont)
2:30 PM    -    5:00 PM        Education Committee Meeting
6:00 PM    -    7:30 PM        Welcome Reception
7:45 PM    -    12:30 AM        Optional Tour: Lucky Strikes Billiards and Bowling

Thursday    2/26/15
8:00 AM    -    9:30 AM        Membership Committee Meeting
9:30 AM    -    12:30 PM        Educational Foundation (FPEF) Meeting
12:30 PM    -    1:30 PM        Hosted Lunch
1:30 PM    -    3:30 PM        Marketing Committee Meeting
3:30 PM    -    5:00 PM        Finance Committee Meeting
6:30 PM    -    9:00 PM        Annual Dinner

Friday    2/27/15
8:00 AM    -    11:00 AM        Board of Directors Meeting
11:00 AM    -    12:00 PM        Strategic Planning Follow Up
1:00 PM    -    5:00 PM        Optional Tour: National Oilwell Varco Technical College

Saturday    2/28/15
8:00 AM    -    4:00 PM        Technical Workshop – “Let’s Get Serious About Safety and Efficiency”

IFPS Establishes Raymond Hanley Scholarship

ray-hanleyThe IFPS established a “Raymond Hanley Scholarship” at its recent annual meeting.  The scholarship will be awarded to a high-caliber student pursuing his/her post-secondary education in fluid power and will be administered by the Fluid Power Educational Foundation (FPEF).

“I couldn’t be more pleased to honor Mr. Hanley’s legacy with this scholarship; he is a pioneer for fluid power certification,” said Donna Pollander, ACA, IFPS executive director. “Mr. Hanley’s passion and dedication to the fluid power industry is legendary.”

Raymond F. Hanley, CFPE/AI Emeritus, served as IFPS president from 1986–1987. Mr. Hanley also served as certification vice president and has been an IFPS honorary director since 2006. Mr. Hanley’s continuing contributions to the IFPS certification program led to his being named the first and (so far) only IFPS emeritus certificate holder. Mr. Hanley authored two books, Math for Certification and Fluid Power Essential Best Practices. He is the father of eight children and lives in Florida.

Visit www.fpef.org to make a donation to the Fluid Power Educational Foundation.

Interested in Becoming an IFPS Accredited Instructor or Job Performance Proctor?

IFPS Accredited Instructors (CFPAIs) are certified professionals who educate and prepare candidates for IFPS certification programs. Accredited Instructors have extensive backgrounds and instructional experience in the fluid power industry. In addition to their instructor accreditation, they are committed IFPS members and hold various IFPS certifications. Job Performance Proctors are individuals who hold various IFPS certifications and proctor the Job Performance portion of Mechanic, Technician, and Connector and Conductor (CC) hands-on tests. Visit www.ifps.org to learn more and register.

Accredited Instructor Training Workshop
March 30-31, 2015 (Registration deadline March 1, 2014)
Hennepin Technical College – Eden Prairie, MN

Job Performance Proctor Workshop
April 1, 2015 (Registration deadline March 1, 2014)
Hennepin Technical College – Eden Prairie, MN

Connector and Conductor Job Performance Proctor Workshop
April 2, 1015 (Registration deadline March 1, 2014)
Hennepin Technical College – Eden Prairie, MN

Industrial Hydraulic Technicians – Bring your “A-game”!

If you are preparing for the IHT certification test or just want to test your knowledge, Dan Helgerson, CFPAI, IFPS treasurer, and Fluid Power Journal technical editor, designed a fun and interactive Q&A game. Visit www.ifps.org and click on “Certifications.” It’s a great lunchtime group activity!

IFPS Fluid Injection Injury Safety Cards 

The IFPS recommends that, in every circumstance, factory, piece of mobile equipment, or application of any fluid power product or its controls, every employee and employer is responsible to know, understand, and practice the safety policies and procedures already in place. (See the September/October issue for more information on the IFPS safety initiatives and visit www.ifps.org for important safety resources.)

Safety cards have been issued to all IFPS members as well as non-members who recertified in 2013. These cards contain information on obtaining five (5) critical pieces of information for doctors and emergency medical technicians in treating fluid injection injuries.

If you would like to purchase safety cards and/or posters you may do so by visiting www.ifps.org. Cards are sold in packs of 10, 50, and 100.


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