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Advanced Products and Game-Changing Engineering are Trending for Fluid Power Pros

The NFPA released a November 2016 survey on the “State of the Fluid Power Industry.” The study notes that distributors see annual shipments for their overall business during the next 12 months being nearly 90% better than the prior 12 months. Behind that growth in hydraulic businesses are three trends: (1) availability of new intelligent […]

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Rethinking Hydraulic Safety

According to the International Hydraulic Safety Authority (IHSA), hydraulics and electricity are both forms of transmitting energy, and most often hydraulics is comparable with electricity in regards to the risk levels faced by operators. Hydraulics, just like electricity, must be respected to maintain safety, yet, in a real-world application, the safety standards greatly differ—despite the […]

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Owning the Future

Leadership roles are often defined by the time an individual uses to plan their actions: a worker is concerned with what they have to do for one day, the supervisor will plan next month’s work schedule, while a senior manager is responsible for the department’s yearly budget. A director will plan three to five years […]

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