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A Call To Action

As president of the International Fluid Power Society this year, I have had the pleasure of attending a large number of trade shows and national meetings, completed many local customer calls, and heard the same dialogue being repeated: “We need skilled people.” I don’t care if it’s at the salesman level, engineering disciplines, trades, whatever. […]

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Is IFPS Certification Right For You?

How safe are my employees? How efficient and reliable are my systems? What is my competitive advantage? Am I certifiable; are my employees? These are questions every leader asks. Well maybe not that last question in the literal sense, but you should consider it in the professional sense, by asking is IFPS certification right for […]

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Sustaining a National Research Program for Fluid Power

In my last Notable Works column two years ago, I highlighted the energy-saving potential of fluid power. The data for that column came from a draft of a Department of Energy (DOE) report, “Estimating the Impact (Energy, Emissions, and Economics) of the U.S. Fluid Power Industry.” The report has recently been officially released. You can […]

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The Importance of Female Mentors in STEM

As a society, we learn about the world and advance our well being through science and engineering. The United States may be known around the world for its higher education, but we lack a strong focus on educating scientists and engineers. One significant reason we have fallen behind is that we do not encourage our […]

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How I Got My First Job With IFPS Certification

My fluid power journey began in September 1998. I was hired by a distributor in South Carolina and started in shipping and receiving plus counter sales. I never knew how many hose assemblies one person could build in a single day… Parker Hannifin was very involved with the IFPS and asked its distributor partners to […]

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Are You Ready for the Change?

Huh? What do you mean, am I ready for the change? Well, it’s coming in some form or another, whether you are ready or not. You see, it has always been this way and will continue for all time, although today’s change comes at a much-accelerated pace versus yesterday’s rate. What changes am I talking […]

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