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Innovation is the Key to Progress

I have heard many engineers complain that industry is too timid when it comes to innovation. Incremental improvements are pursued while major opportunities for game-changing opportunities are rejected because of cost and risk. These impressions are backed up with solid evidence. In his influential book, “The Rise and Fall of American Growth,” Northwestern University Economics […]

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Energy Efficient Hydraulics & Pneumatics Conference Returns in 2017

Efficient consumption of energy is one of the key concerns around the world today. In fact, my local power company regularly prepares a report so I know how my household energy consumption compares with other households in the neighborhood. I think this is great, because it creates an awareness of something I might have not […]

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Upgraded Electronic Controls Specialist Certification Elevates Fluid Power Competency

By Donna Pollander, ACA, IFPS Executive Director The IFPS strives to keep pace with changing fluid power and motion control technologies, and the development and re-release of an upgraded version of the Electronic Controls Specialist (ECS) certification is a prime example. Properly designed and installed fluid power systems are reliable, safe, and productive. Electronic control […]

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