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An Emerging Workforce Crisis for U.S. Manufacturers

A sound recruitment strategy can help small- and mid-sized manufacturers stay competitive in the hunt for talent Manufacturing companies across the country are searching high and low for trained, experienced workers for drill press, welding, lathe, injection molding, and a myriad of other manufacturing positions. Despite rapidly rising salaries, an estimated 600,000 skilled jobs are […]

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Fluid Power Mobile Technology – Past Achievements and Future Opportunities

Since this is the off-highway issue, it seems like a good time to reflect on the advances made in the mobile industry over the last 46 years and two months—the time I spent at Power Systems before retiring in July 2014. In 1968, the year I began my career, the ORBIT motor [developed by the […]

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IFPS Membership – What Do You Make of It?

I am sometimes questioned about the IFPS logo on my shirt. Once I was asked if it was a symbol for some type of “secret society.” This gave me a chuckle and the opportunity for a short elevator speech, but it also gave me pause for thought. I happily explained that the International Fluid Power […]

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