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Making a Difference

Ever know one of those kids who made a mistake he or she didn’t recover from?  Someone you knew or loved who blindly got caught up in things by making bad choices? Ever wonder what might have been? Nobody wants to start the story of their own life with the words “I almost made a […]

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Increasing Awareness of IFPS Membership and Certification

Marketing and sales has always been at the center of my career. Speaking with prospects, learning of their needs, and presenting solutions based on those needs, is what drives me every day. When I joined the IFPS last July, I knew that one of my main goals was to increase the overall awareness of our […]

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Watts It All About

It began well before 1994, but an event from that spring stands out as a turning point in my understanding of the need for energy awareness when designing or working on fluid power systems. I had been invited to assist in specifying a chiller for a hydraulic system at a facility in Claremont, N.H. There […]

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