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2015 Fluid Power Professionals’ Day

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The International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) has dedicated June 19th as “Fluid Power Professionals’ Day” – a day of recognition for all of us who work in the fluid power field!

It has been said that fluid power is a “hidden giant” because it is so common in every aspect of our day-to-day existence that we have simply overlooked the obvious.  There is not a vehicle, ship, plane, or train that can operate without fluid power. There is no consumer item, no electronic gadget, and no morsel of food we grow that can exist in enough quantity at a cost we can afford without the use of fluid power and our efforts.

From the ancient waterwheels of an emerging agrarian economy through the renaissance of industrial revolution to the automation and information technology age of today, we have worked to utilize, maintain, improve, and advance this all-encompassing technology. These efforts have improved productivity, ensured safety, and provided critical services that improve the quality of all of our lives. THANK YOU!

Why June 19th?

A little bit of history behind the date is interesting. Blaise Pascal—a French mathematician, inventor, writer, and physicist—was born on this day clear back in 1623. His work in hydrodynamics and hydrostatics, including the invention of the hydraulic press, paved the way for all future innovations.

He was also instrumental in experiments in pneumatics that examined the behavior of air in a vacuum and validated the work of the man who invented the barometer, Evangelista Torricelli. Because of Blaise Pascal and his work, the scientific foundation of thermodynamics and fluid power was set to build upon for those who followed.

Photo Contest

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The contest is open from January 1st to March 31st, 2015.
Winners’ names, photographs, and captions will be published in the July/August issue of the Fluid Power Journal in honor of Fluid Power Professionals’ Day – June 19th.
How does it work? 
Simply upload a photo for one or all of the categories below (only one photo per category):
  • Fun with Fluid Power – These submissions should be geared towards youth getting involved with fluid power.
  • Professionals in Action – These submissions can be of any single person or group doing anything related to fluid power.
  • Power Density – These submissions should depict the amazing power or work that can be achieved through fluid power systems.
  • Fluid Power in Motion – These submissions should be action shots of fluid power at work.
A new category this year is the People’s Choice Award. You and your family/friends can vote for favorite submissions from April 1st to April 15th. The photo with the most votes will win the People’s Choice Award. You don’t have to enter a photo to vote. Only one vote per person per picture.
Note: In order for your photo to be published in the Fluid Power Journal, anyone standing in the vicinity of machinery must be shown with the proper safety equipment in use.
Prizes for each category:
  • 1st Place – $250
  • 2nd Place – $100
  • 3rd Place  – $50
Special prize for the photo with the most votes
  • People’s Choice Award – $100
Submitted photos will be judged by a committee. The photos will be judged with equal weight placed on photographic skill, creativity, and relevance to the categories. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced on June 19th, 2015 and notified.
You get to vote for the People’s Choice Award. Voting period is from April 1st to April 15th.


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