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2020 Fluid Power Photo Contest

Each year, the International Fluid Power Society and the Fluid Power Journal hold a photo contest in honor of Fluid Power Professionals’ Day – June 19th. This year’s contest ran from January 1 through March 31, 2020. Thank you to all the participants who make this contest so much fun. The categories were:

  1. New Perspective: Photos that show fluid power used in novel ways and from views not everyone gets to see.
  2. Teamwork: Photos of people working together using fluid power to get the job done.
  3. Fun with Fluid Power: Photos that capture the joy of using, learning, or teaching about hydraulics and pneumatics.
  4. The Muscle of Fluid Power: Photos that capture the might of fluid power in action.

We will be judging all entries for winners in each category, and results are coming soon.

Congratulations to the “People’s Choice” and “Staff Pick” winners!

People’s Choice

Pink Lemonaide Pump powered by an Air Over Water Accumulator – By Genie Wendel
Staff Pick
Engineering technician Tony peers into an inner chamber of a hydraulic unit requiring repair – By the team of Ben Reeder and AA Strausbaugh, RG Group


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