Fluid Power Journal

Air Teaser

By Ernie Parker


These teasers are printed in the Fluid Power Journal. Think you know the answer? Submit by e-mail to kpollander@ifps.org. Those who submit the correct answers before the deadline will have their names printed in the Society Page newsletter and in Fluid Power Journal. The winners will also be entered into a drawing for a special gift.


Problem: Size an Air Compressor and Receiver

A company has a machine that uses 50 cfm at 100 psi. Size an air compressor in SCFM that will have a duty cycle of 40%. Then size an air receiver in gallons …

Problem: Standard Size Cylinder 2

Deadline Past. Not Available for Submissions. Winner: Mike Stoltenow, CFPS, Comatrol, Easley, SC Answered Correctly: Edward Day, CFPPS, Norgren, Inc., …

Problem: Highest Pressure

Cylinders are 2″ x 10″ x 1″    •      Supply Pressure is 100 PSI Question:  What is the highest pressure that the gages A & B …

Problem: Sheet Metal Shear

This month’s problem is to convert a manually operated sheet metal shear to operate on pneumatics. Looking at the diagram, you will see the placement of the …

Problem: Standard Size Cylinder

The figure shows a door to open with an air cylinder pushing at a 45-degree angle. The door is 48 inches high and weighs 100 pounds. It needs to open 90 …

Problem: Size An Accumulator

Size an accumulator that will supply the total flow to a cylinder for one cycle in and out. Give the answer in gallons. Given information: 4″ x 20″ …



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