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The IFPS color-coded, animated mp4 and wmv files of each circuit operation use ANSI-recognized color designations. Each circuit shows the sequence of operations within a hydraulic circuit as well as the flow paths during operation. Key bullet points for each circuit assist understanding of the components’ function and interaction within the circuit.

Available circuits
(* indicates recently added)

  • Accumulator Circuit
  • Accumulator Circuit Operation
  • Boom and Bucket*
  • Boom Raising Circuit*
  • Brake Valve Circuit
  • Brake Valve Circuit with Check Valve
  • Circuit for the Two Cylinders Application
  • Closed Center Steering
  • Closed Center Steering
  • Closed Circuit Hydrostatic Transmission*
  • Counterbalance Valve in a Press Circuit
  • Cylinder – Motor Circuit
  • Cylinder – Motor Circuit 1
  • Float Centre Spool used with Pilot Operated Check Valves
  • Full-Time Regenerative Circuit
  • Full-Time Regenerative Circuit B Port Blocked
  • High Low Circuit
  • High-Low Circuit
  • Intensifier System with an Air-Oil Return Tank
  • Load Reaction Center Steering
  • Load Reaction Centre Steering
  • Load Sense Schematic
  • Open Center Steering
  • Open Centre Steering
  • Operational Description for Test Bench Used for Testing Open and Closed-Circuit Pumps*
  • Over-Center Valve in a Press Circuit
  • Part-Time Regenerative Circuit with Bleed
  • Part-Time Regenerative Circuit with Bleed-Off
  • Part-Time Regenerative Circuit with Counterbalance
  • Part-Time Regenerative Circuit with Counterbalance Valve
  • Pilot Operated Check Valve Application
  • Pilot Operated Directional Control Valve Circuit
  • Pressure Gauge Locations*
  • Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Pump Test*
  • Regenerative Circuit with Regen Position in the DCV
  • Regenerative Circuit with Regen Position in the DCV
  • Sequence Valve Circuit
  • Sequence Valve Circuit
  • Setting a Pressure Reducer*
  • Synchronous Circuit with a Displacement-type Flow Divider
  • Synchronous Circuit with Cylinders Connected in Series
  • Tandem Center Circuit Equipped with a Relief Valve
  • Unloading Relief Valve

Visit ifps.org to purchase and download the circuit library for $149.

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