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AW-Lake Flow Monitor Measures Ocean Salt Content

AW-Lake Flow Monitor Measures Ocean Salt Content

AW-Lake recently announced that it is supplying flow monitors to the with National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration for its research vessels measuring the temperature and salt content of the world’s oceans.

NOAA previously was unaware when a pump clogged when taking in salt water as part of its measuring process. Different types of sea plankton and natural sea water debris congested the pump, creating inaccurate sea water readings.

An AW-Lake MX 9000 panel mount process monitor not only tracked the amount of sea water flowing into the pump but integrated output into the ship’s data-gathering computer. The monitor was calibrated to trigger an alarm onboard the ship if water flow rate dropped below a specific level.

The MX-9000 panel mount process monitor is ideal for any industrial flow measurement application requiring a simple, compact, and easy-to-use remote flow monitor.

For more information, visit www.aw-lake.com.

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