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BAUMA 2016

The Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles, and Construction Equipment

April 11-17, 2016 / Munich, Germany


BAUMA – held for the 31st time in 2016 – is the heartbeat of industry. Visitors can meet international market leaders and see the latest pioneering innovations from around the world. The conference depicts the industry for construction machinery in its entire breadth and depth. Special events, such as the forum or the “Research Live” international information center, showcase the latest industry trends.


The Four Sectors at BAUMA

  • All around construction site (construction vehicles and machines; lifting appliances and conveyors; construction equipment, tools, and special systems; handling and processing concrete and mortar at construction sites; formwork and scaffolding; site installation)
  • Mining, extraction, and processing of raw materials [machines for extraction of raw materials and for mining, handling of raw materials, and mineral processing (including coke oven equipment)]
  • Production of building materials [manufacture of cement, lime, and gypsum compounds for building materials; machines and systems for producing concrete, concrete products, and pre-fabricated components; machines and plants for producing asphalt; machines and plants for producing pre-mixed dry mortar, plaster, screed, and building supply store products; machines and plants for producing lime sandstone and building products using power plant residue (fly ash, slag, etc.); machines and systems for producing gypsum and gypsum plasterboard; building material handling and packaging (in a plant)]
  • Components and service suppliers (transmission engineering, fluid technology, and power generation units; accessories and wear parts; services; test, measurement, and process control engineering; job safety)

The above information, as well as additional details about BAUMA 2016, can be found online at www.bauma.de. Contact BAUMA by phone at +49 89 949-11348 or by email: info@bauma.de.

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