Fluid Power Journal

A New Road to Hydraulic Specialist Certification

IFPS released the hydraulic specialist (HS) certification test, designed to be comprehensive, in 2017. The test benchmarks competencies showing that, as a …

The Certification Journey

Are you interested in certification but unclear on how to get started? Here are the steps to becoming a certified fluid power professional. 1. Select your …

Upcoming Web Seminars

Register at ifps.org/web-seminars Feb. 18: Testing Mobile Hydraulic Equipment: A Basic Overview Presented by Bradley Wagner, CFPAI, Manitowoc Cranes, Product …

IFPS Members-Only Benefits

Discounts Robust member perks program with local and national discounts, 1M+ redemption locations, and $4,500+ in per-member savings. Member forum. Study-group …

Test Your Skills: The Difference Between Isothermal and Adiabatic Conditions

Hydraulic accumulators use weights, springs, or gas pressure to generate the precharge force against the fluid that is stored for use in the system. …

Congratulations to our newly Certified Fluid Power Accredited Instructors (CFPAI) and Authorized Job Performance Proctors (AJPP)

Approved candidates hold at least one certification, conducted a preplanned presentation, and were evaluated by a panel of subject-matter experts and peers …

IFPS 2021 Spring Meeting

IFPS will host a condensed virtual spring meeting March 8-11, with plans to hold an in-person meeting May 4-7 in San Antonio, Texas, at the Embassy Suites, San …

Test Your Skills: Calculate the Kinetic Energy

It is common practice to position shock absorbers to cushion loads attached to air cylinders, rather than to subject the air cylinders to shock loading …

A Message from Donna Pollander, ACA, IFPS Executive Director

One of the things I’ve learned in my 20-plus-year tenure as executive director is that people get certified for many reasons. I’ve heard everything from …

Test Your Skills: Size a Rotary Actuator

Rotary actuators are used to provide a partial rotation or pivoting action to a component where the space available is not practical for a cylinder and …



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