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Emerson Adds Solenoid Valve for Medical Applications

Emerson recently expanded its ASCO Series 090 line of miniature solenoid valves with a new three-way valve configuration in oxygen therapy, compression therapy, and gas analyzer devices.

Originally developed as a two-way valve for air and inert gases in portable medical devices, the

Series 090 valve features a compact architecture, small (10.8 mm) footprint, and 50 million-cycle life for maximum reliability. And, because the new three-way configuration of the Series 090 valve can perform the same mixing and diverting functions as a pair of two-way valves, it further simplifies the design of small, high-precision gas delivery systems for oxygen and other home-care devices.

Like all Series 090 valves, the new three-way valve is built to maximize gas flow, with a flow-to-size ratio well suited to portable medical device applications. The valve body is molded from polybutylene terephthalate plastic, with seals made of durable fluorocarbon elastomer. The Series 090 actuator combines high reliability with low power consumption, so battery life and device longevity are maximized. The Series 090 valve is also compliant with all relevant Restriction of Hazardous Substances and Conformité Européenne directives.

For more information, visit www.emerson.com/en-us/catalog/asco-series-090.



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