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Executive Profile: Brian Kenoyer

Brian Kenoyer, CFPHS, Director of Engineering, Cemen Tech

Q. How did you get started in the fluid power industry?  

A. I was hired as a hydraulic engineer with JLG Industries. I had little prior experience besides specifying hoses and fittings, but I was able to successfully learn on the job from some of the best and experienced engineers in the industry.

Q. How and why did you get involved in IFPS, and what have you gained professionally and personally?  

A. [Getting involved with IFPS was] a condition of employment. I took the hydraulic specialist exam early in my employment with JLG and thankfully learned enough to pass.  IFPS has provided me with fantastic educational resources for myself and my employees to overcome many engineering obstacles. I also have gained a substantial network of hydraulic professionals eager to promote the industry.

Q. Why did you pursue certification, and how has it helped your career?  

A. I became certified as a condition of employment, and I do not regret the choice. To date, I have been successful in advancing my career partly due to the official certifications I hold and the knowledge and experience they represent.

Q. What have you learned by working in this industry?  

A. The wide range of viable applications. There are many instances in which fluid power offers either the best power, control, or economical combination. It is flexible, cost-effective, and advancing.    

Q. Where do you see the industry heading in the next 10 years?  

A. I see the industry staying stable, as there are many applications in which fluid power is the optimal solution. I am often encouraged by new innovative solutions that hydraulic component OEMs unveil, and I actively direct my engineers to push the envelope and embrace these technologies.

Q. What advice would you give someone starting out in the industry?  

A. Get certified. Actively reach out to others and network. Do not be afraid to ask questions or say you do not understand. Be open and try new technologies. R&D is fundamental for advancement.

Q. What are some of your hobbies and interests?  

A. I enjoy home DIY projects and spending time with my family.  When time permits, I enjoy pickup basketball and slow-pitch softball.

Q. What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?  

A. I am a Detroit Lions fan.

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