Fluid Power Journal

Figure It Out

By Robert Sheaf

Overheating of Press with Heated Platen

Click on image to enlarge A small heated platen press for an aerospace parts manufacturer would close and hold pressure for 1 to 3 hours based on the part …

Steel Mill Accumulator

Years ago we built the complete hydraulic system for a continuous steel caster at a steel producer. The HPU had a 300-gallon reservoir with 6 pumps each driven …

Gear Pump Load Sense

A hydraulic distributor hired a sales engineer for a new territory they were moving into. The first customer the engineer visited requested a quote on a …

Aerated Oil on a Log Splitter

I loaned my log splitter to a friend whose tree fell after a storm. The tree was a blue spruce evergreen about 30-ft. tall. It surprised me that the tree’s …

Elevator Stopping

A simple circuit was designed to lift a service elevator up from the basement to the third floor. The HPU had a pressure-compensated pump and a three-position …

Oil Rig Top Drive Knocking Noise in the Pump

A drill rig operator was complaining about a knocking noise coming from his top-drive HPU. It controlled a hydraulic motor that drove a winch attached to the …

Gold Mine Crusher with Erratic Pressure

A hydraulic power unit operating a rock-crushing machine had erratic pressure problems, causing the crusher to stall when the pressure seemed to relieve at a …

Retract Coil Burn-Out

Workers at a private contractor that makes torpedoes for the U.S. Navy were having a problem with an assembly line directional valve coil that would burn out …

Overheating on a Large Forging Press

A forging and stamping company had problems with overheating on a press. The company had several identical presses, and only one had been overheating for some …

Cylinder Stuttering on a Technical School Trainer

A community technical school received funding for a hydraulics program. They had nice hands-on-training stands in storage and did a nice job setting up their …

Scrap Steel Winder Problem Slowing Down

Workers at a coil steel-processing mill received rolls of stainless steel from its parent company to slit in half and trim the edges approximately 1″ to …

Excessive Pressure Drop on a Test Stand

A hydraulic distributor designed and built a test stand with various sizes of sub-plates for mounting and testing pressure and directional valves. There were …

Out Riggers Locked-up on Digger Derrick Truck

A power and light company’s Digger Derrick crew was assigned to drill several holes for power poles in an industrial complex. They arrived around 9 a.m. on a …



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