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To keep pace with the broad and ever-changing needs of industry, the International Fluid Power Society provides many specific and complementary certifications to demonstrate core and advanced competencies. And though some of the content from one certification to another is necessarily overlapping, each offering is targeted to meet the particular needs of the individual and to establish his or her qualifications. Getting certified and holding multiple certifications demonstrates that you take your career seriously. Simply put, the IFPS is there for you and the advancement of your career, and can be the key component to increasing your worth to your employer.

So, what exactly is a fluid power expert? It is the individual who can satisfactorily address the particular need at that moment and one who also has a demonstrable, broad base of knowledge. If you are well rounded in multiple aspects of fluid power, prove it. Take the time and make the effort to get certified in all of those areas. Then that expert can and will be you.

As an employer or manager, you may ask yourself: “What can I get out of certification?” You can assure your customers that your employees possess an industry-wide accepted level of competence and that your mechanics, technicians, and engineers have the skills necessary to perform their tasks confidently, efficiently, reliably, and safely. It shows you encourage employee pride and are willing to invest in the development of their careers. Tell the world that as a business owner or manager, you care about the image your company and employees put forth and how it reflects on the larger fluid power, manufacturing, and service communities.

Connector & Conductor*

(CFPCC) Certifies proficiency in fabrication, assembly, and testing of fluid power hoses and assemblies for safe and reliable operation.


Certifies proficiency in fabrication, assembly, testing, repair, and maintenance of fluid power systems and components.

  • Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic (CFPIHM)
  • Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic (CFPMHM)
  • Pneumatic Mechanic (CFPPM)


Certifies proficiency in troubleshooting, testing, and modification of fluid power systems including report preparation.

  • Industrial Hydraulic Technician (CFPIHT)
  • Mobile Hydraulic Technician (CFPMHT)
  • Pneumatic Technician (CFPPT)


Certifies proficiency in analyzing and designing systems, component selection, and instructing others in operation and maintenance.

  • Hydraulic Specialist (CFPHS)
  • Pneumatic Specialist (CFPPS)
  • Electronic Controls (CFPECS)


(CFPE) A certified fluid power professional engineer or degree equivalent (BS or BST from ABET
recognized university) may apply for this certification.

System Designer

(CFPSD) An expanded credential requiring verifiable industrial experience and expertise in system level hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronic controls.

Accredited Instructor

(CFPAI) Candidates for accreditation must have 5 years of experience in training or education within the fluid power industry.

Job Performance Proctor

(CFPJPP) Candidates for Job Performance Proctor Certification are certified professionals who are accredited to proctor the job performance (hands-on) section of Mechanic and Technician level certification tests and/or Connector & Conductor certification tests.

In Development

  • Mobile Electronic Controls
  • Industrial Electronic Controls

Master Designation

Available for mechanics and technicians. Click on image to enlarge.

paths to success

For more information on the many IFPS certification offerings, visit www.ifps.org.

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