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Increasing Awareness of IFPS Membership and Certification

jeff-morrowMarketing and sales has always been at the center of my career. Speaking with prospects, learning of their needs, and presenting solutions based on those needs, is what drives me every day.

When I joined the IFPS last July, I knew that one of my main goals was to increase the overall awareness of our organization and what it has to offer. Last year, I attended a few trade shows/expos to introduce IFPS to attendees. It was a great experience to speak with a wide range of people about fluid power. I will be on the road again very soon, so if you see me at our booth, please stop by and say hello.

Another one of my goals is to strengthen our connection with our customers. I have been communicating with several of our existing clients to uncover the value that the IFPS certification holds for them. These discussions have been eye opening for me. Every person who has spoken with me has had a unique story. If you are certified and would like to share your story, please contact me.

I had the pleasure of attending the IFPS biannual Board of Directors meeting in September. It was awesome to be in a room where everyone was so passionate about the fluid power industry and supportive of our organization. It is that support that will help us continue to move forward. All IFPS members can play an important role in our growth and continued success. One way to support IFPS is by displaying your membership, certification, and/or fluid power acronym on your personal LinkedIn profile, business card, email signature, etc. As many of you well know, obtaining an IFPS certification is no simple task; let your pride show—be boastful! You can also encourage colleagues to become members and to consider getting certified. In addition, if you know of anyone that may benefit from certification, please let me know. I would be happy to assist in getting appropriate brochures of materials to good candidates.

As a newcomer to the fluid power industry, I am excited to continue learning. I have met some extremely genuine people. Donna Pollander, our executive director, is a wealth of knowledge and has been a great resource for me. The entire IFPS staff has been very kind and generous. I feel fortunate to be a part of such an impressive company in an exciting industry.

Is there any way that I can help your organization? Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you, or perhaps even meeting you at an expo!

By Jeffrey Morrow, IFPS Business Development Manager.
He can be reached at 856-874-7256 or at jmorrow@ifps.org.

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