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New Clippard Cordis Electronic Pressure Controls


Precise, linear pressure control within a closed-loop system with ultra high resolution and repeatability.

The Clippard Cordis is a revolutionary microcontroller primed for escape velocity from a proportional control market. Built with the highest quality Clippard EVP and DVP proportional valves at its heart, the Cordis is designed to outperform the competition in every way. With unparalleled performance and flexibility not possible with current analog proportional controllers, the Cordis makes everything from calibration to sensor variety acceptance to future development opportunities more accessible and less complicated. The future of proportional pressure control has arrived, and it’s digital.

  Smooth linear control

  Resolution ≤5 mV

  Real time adjustable PID control

  Multiple flow configurations

  Static or dynamic applications with the same proportional regulation

  No integral bleed required

  Accuracy ±0.25% of full scale

The Cordis is adaptable to a variety of sensors that can close the loop around not only pressure, but vacuum or flow.

For further information on the Cordis Pressure Controls or any of Clippard’s line of electronic and pneumatic valves, visit www.clippard.com.

Proudly made in the USA.

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