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NFPA Releases Annual Report on U.S. Fluid Power Industry

nfpa_reportPresentation Available for Member Use

In an attempt to raise the profile of the fluid power industry in the general public and public policy arena, NFPA has begun publishing an Annual Report on the U.S. Fluid Power Industry, which broadly describes the size and economic impact of the industry and also explores the energy consumption, best practices, and current R&D directions of fluid power technology.

Eric Lanke, NFPA CEO, recorded a presentation on the NFPA website based on the 2014 (and latest) version of that report, which includes an offer for NFPA staff to repeat or expand upon the presentation at industry events where it would be helpful to raise fluid power’s visibility. The presentation can be shared in customer networks and in any public policy environments.

The presentation can be viewed at http://news.nfpahub.com/fluid-power-industry-presentation-available-for-industry-events/. Direct all inquiries to NFPA at 414-778-3344 or nfpa@nfpa.com.

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