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Norstat Offers I/O Link Pressure and Vacuum Switches

Norstat now offers pressure and vacuum switches designed to work specifically with I/O Link protocol.

The NANO-02 and PICO-02’s interface can visualize important system status information from a machine or a single component. The I/O Link allows procedures to become more transparent as well as allowing the system operator to interact quickly if need be. Because of their IO-Link compatibility, these vacuum and pressure switches are easily configurable through the control system. The IO-Link system is independent of fieldbus and works with unshielded industrial cable.

Both the NANO-02 and the PICO-02 have compact housings that are ideal for limited-space applications. The NANO-02 has a metal housing, digital display, and status LEDs. It is menu-controlled and programable and ideal for pneumatic applications. The PICO-02 has a plastic-PC housing, rotatable display, doesn’t need a control unit, and works well in vacuum-lifting and valve-control applications. Both switches have multiple measuring ranges, 2x switching signal (PNP), and have a protection rating of IP65.

For more information, call (973) 586-2500 or visit www.norstat.com.

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