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PHD Inc. Launches Comprehensive Catalog of Pneumatic Thruster & Rodless Linear Slides

PHD, Inc., a leading innovator in industrial automation solutions, is proud to announce the release of its latest catalog, featuring the complete line of PHD Pneumatic Thruster & Rodless Linear Slides. This comprehensive catalog offers a wide variety of guided linear slide styles, sizes, travels, and options designed to meet the diverse needs of the automation industry.

Key Features of the Catalog:

  • Diverse Range of Linear Slides: The catalog includes a broad selection of linear slide styles, catering to various industrial applications. Customers can choose from an array of sizes, travels, and options, ensuring that there is a solution for every requirement.
  • Load Handling Capabilities: PHD linear slides are engineered to handle loads ranging from a few ounces up to an impressive 300 pounds, making them suitable for both lightweight and heavy-duty applications.

Precision and Performance: PHD’s linear slides utilize different bearing types, providing high precision, force, and load-carrying capabilities. This ensures that our products meet the exacting standards of modern industrial automation.

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