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Problem: Sizing a Two-Stage Air Compressor

Given: A two-stage air compressor with an intercooler

System Pressure: 120 PSIG. Each stage raises the pressure 60 PSI.

Initial air temperature: 70° F

Entering air temperature at second stage: 90° F

First stage: 3” diameter x 4” stroke

Neglect the volume of the intercooler. After the first revolution, the air is just passing through.

Find the required diameter for the second stage with the same 4” stroke.

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One possible solution is to use the following formula:

P1 x V1 x T2 = P2 x V2 x T1

V2 = P1 x V1 x T2
           P2 x T1

P1 = Initial Absolute Pressure
P2 = Final Absolute Pressure

V1 = Initial Volume
V2 = Final Volume

T2 = Final Absolute Temperature
T1 = Initial Absolute Temperature

P1 = 14.7 PSIA
V1 = 3² x .7854 x 4” = 28.27 in³
T2 = 90 + 460 or 550° Rankine (Absolute F.)
P2 = 60 + 14.7 or 74.7 PSIA
T1 = 70° + 460 or 530° Rankine
V2 = Unknown

V2 = 14.7 x 28.27 x 550
              74.7 x 530

V2 = 5.77 in³
A = Volume / Stroke
5.77 / 4 = 1.44 in²
A = D² x .7854
D = 1.36”

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