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QuickDesign Breaks the Time Barrier of Integrated Package Design

quicktime1Sun QuickDesign is a web-based tool that automatically designs integrated hydraulic packages (custom manifolds) based on digital input from the user. There is no software to install. There are no fees. All that is needed is a user account, and then the tool is ready to use.

Integrated packages typically require design time—usually weeks—which could deter the user from considering their use for short runs or prototype work. Sun QuickDesign eliminates design time and allows the user to complete an integrated package design within minutes in most cases. Complex designs may take longer.

Once a design is submitted to Sun QuickDesign, the user gets notified via e-mail that the design is finished. A link is provided to the Project Manager Page, which contains all the outputs, including the following electronic files:

  • quicktime2Body drawing
  • Assembly drawing
  • Cartridge cut sheets
  • Drill list
  • Verification schematic
  • Connection grid

Additionally, the following CAD formats are available:

  • Body drawing in dwg and dxf
  • Assembly drawing in dwg and dxf
  • STP
  • IGES
  • INV
  • PARA
  • STL

After reviewing the finished design, the user can download the machining files (if they prefer to manufacture it locally), make any necessary changes in the Sun QuickDesign tool, or order the integrated package through the local Sun authorized distributor to be manufactured by Sun Hydraulics. Sun QuickDesign retains all design versions in the event that the user would like to revert back to a previous version when placing an order.

Sun QuickDesign is best suited to handle circuits involving 12 or less cartridge valves and up to two ISO directional valve patterns. If your circuit involves more components, Sun’s team of manifold designers stand ready to design an integrated package for your application.

There are several tutorial videos available on the Sun website to assist in familiarizing the user with Sun QuickDesign. The same highlight page contains a link to the registration process. The tool is very intuitive and, in most instances, new users are submitting designs shortly after registering. Visit www.snhy.com/QuickDesign to learn more. If you would like to try QuickDesign, all you have to do is register. There is no software to install, and it’s completely free.

by Sun Hydraulics Corporation

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