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ifps recertifyI took my certification test, so why do I need to recertify?

Because technology changes all the time and the IFPS wants to make sure you are up-to-date with industry information. You wouldn’t want doctors operating on you or a diagnosis if they didn’t continue to hone their skills and expertise, would you? Therefore, the Fluid Power Certification Board requires ongoing experience and education/training in the fluid power industry. The recertification process works on a point system called Professional Development Points (PDP).

There are many ways to earn points:

  • Work in the fluid power field [a minimum of three (3) years is required]
  • IFPS membership
  • Participation in a local IFPS chapter
  • Participation in other fluid power organizations (FPEF, FPDA, NFPA, NAHAD, SAE, NAFA, etc.)
  • Volunteer positions held in fluid power organizations
  • Fluid power instruction (either by instructing or receiving instruction, including taking one of the IFPS free-to-members Web presentations)
  • Fluid power student (full-time enrollment in an academic program)
  • Technical presentations (either by presenting to employees/customers or by attending outside presentations)
  • Fluid power training/seminar attendance
  • Submit an article or technical paper to the Fluid Power Journal or the IFPS newsletter
  • Submit a sample test question with required references and appropriate graphics/schematics

What do I need to do to recertify?

Visit www.ifps.org and click on the blue button at the right top of the page that says Certify/Recertify. We’ve streamlined the recertification process. The interactive application form will calculate your points for you.

What if I forget to recertify?

Your IFPS certification is valid for five (5) years, at which time you need to renew your certification(s). IFPS sends recertification reminders in the forms of e-mails, letters, and postcards; however, it is your responsibility to submit the required paperwork by the expiration date. If you do not submit the paperwork by the expiration date, you may be required to retake the test and you may no longer use the certification designation after your name. If you are unsure when your certification expires, you can log into “My IFPS Profile” from www.ifps.org, call IFPS at 800-308-6005, or e-mail askus@ifps.org.

Certification Committee

CFPMT, CFPMM – The Boeing Company

Vice-Chair: John Juhasz, CFPECS, CFPS, Kraft Fluid Systems, Inc.

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