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RAM Industries knows hydraulic cylinders equipped with position sensors are becoming increasingly popular in a wide range of industries.

Referred to by different names, this technology utilizes linear transducers (sensors) to communicate a cylinder’s piston position back to the overall hydraulic system.

RAM Smart Sensing hydraulic cylinders incorporate position sensing technologies for OEM equipment in any RAM single stage hydraulic cylinder. RAM Industries has the expertise designing and manufacturing smart sensing hydraulic cylinders with a variety of digital and analogue outputs. External or internal sensors can be incorporated depending on the use of the cylinders. An assortment of bore sizes, stroke lengths, and mounting options can be configured to meet your overall design and industry needs.

RAM understands the high demands placed on hydraulic cylinder performance in mobile applications. The assessment of your equipment’s operating environment is important, as RAM’s expertise is in supplying cylinders that are specifically engineered for your application.

RAM is well-versed in the latest technologies in materials, cylinder componentry, cylinder design and manufacturing methods to ensure your cylinders function exactly as required!

Use RAM Smart Sensing hydraulic cylinders on your equipment as a competitive advantage!

Contact our team of experts today for innovative solutions to all your hydraulic cylinder needs!

RAM Industries Inc.

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