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Shop Compressors: One or Two Units?

By Ron Marshall, Marshall Compressed Air Consulting When purchasing shop compressors, do you buy one unit or two to make an energy efficient choice? The answer …

Compressed Air Systems: Watch the Water

By Ron Marshall, Marshall Compressed Air Consulting Water is something that is often overlooked when laying out the piping in a compressed air system. Air …

Compressed Air Maintenance: Stop, Look, and Listen

By Ron Marshall Stop. Look. Listen. These are important words of advice if you want to keep your compressed air system running in a trouble-free manner, and at …

Compressed Air Systems: The Mathematics of Efficiency

By Ron Marshall You may wonder why people say compressed air is the most expensive and inefficient utility in a facility. By doing some research and looking at …

Using Incremental Costs for Compressed Air Projects

By Ron Marshall Nobody likes when a compressor goes down and needs to be replaced due to some sort of age-related component failure. Then comes the challenge …

Is Your Air Dryer Eating Your Profits?

By Ron Marshall Much time is often spent looking for leaks and finding inappropriate end uses in an industrial plant in an effort to save money. But often …

The Compressed Air Energy Equation

By Ron Marshall Something about the compressed-air-system energy equation doesn’t appear to add up. Compared to what goes into the compressors, little energy …

Tips for Efficient Compressed Air Filtering

By Ron Marshall for the Compressed Air Challenge The air filters on your system are important to the quality of your compressed air. Failure to maintain these …

Storage Receivers: Wet or Dry?

By Ron Marshall for the Compressed Air Challenge A common question asked when compressed air systems are being installed is where to locate the storage …

Measure Compressed Air Efficiency and Save

Air compressors and dryers are usually decked out with a good set of gauges to measure pressure and temperature, but rarely is there anything that shows the …



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