Fluid Power Journal

2016 IFPS Annual Meeting

The IFPS Board of Directors, along with industry professionals, met in Kansas City, Missouri to discuss policies, procedures and ideas that are instrumental in …

The ISO Organization and How the Fluid Power Industry is Included

ISO is the international organization where standards are approved for use in many areas of technology and management. ISO does not write any of the standards; …

Are You Competent When it Comes to Safety?

“Imagine a worksite where everyone takes responsibility for hazard recognition and control.” Competency – it’s a word we hear bantered about …

Electronic Controls Specialist (ECS)

If you currently hold an IFPS Hydraulic Specialist, Pneumatic Specialist and/or Specialist certification, the ECS is a perfect complementary certification for …

Upgraded Electronic Controls Specialist Certification Elevates Fluid Power Competency

By Donna Pollander, ACA, IFPS Executive Director The IFPS strives to keep pace with changing fluid power and motion control technologies, and the development …

Profile: Randy Bobbitt, CFPS

Why did you decide to work in the fluid power industry? The fluid power industry found me in 1985 when Hydro-Line Mfg., a well-known industrial tie-rod …

Making a Difference

Ever know one of those kids who made a mistake he or she didn’t recover from?  Someone you knew or loved who blindly got caught up in things by making bad …

Workplace Complacency

Are We Looking at Safety From the Wrong Angle? Having worked with many industry groups over the past 25 years as an association chief executive and more …

What in the World Do Those Numbers in the ISO Cleanliness Code Mean?

We have been talking a lot about filtration here at the steel mill. My predecessor, Scott McLoughlin, had done a remarkable job in educating by example, …

Quads and the Fluid Power Systems Conference

When I first heard the word “quadrillion,” I thought it was a fictitious number like “gazillion” or “bazillion,” but it turns out to be a real …



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