Fluid Power Journal

Repair or Replace: Welded Style, Tie Rod Style, or Mill Duty Style?

By Jeffrey Kenney, CFPIHT, CFPIHM, CFPMHM, CFPMHT, Hydradyne LLC Over my career in cylinder remanufacturing, there have been two questions end-users always …

Repairing Hydraulic Servo Valves in Seismic Vibrator Trucks

Seismic vibrator trucks (aka “thumper trucks”) send shockwaves deep into the earth’s subsurface to locate untapped hydrocarbon reserves for the oil and …

Custom Repair Program for Servo Valves Keeps Test Rigs Running

Proving grounds aren’t always the most effective way to test the durability of a truck or car. If a car maker wants to evaluate, for example, a light truck …



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