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Hydraulic Flanges Task Force Brings Change to ISO 6162-1 and 6162-2

By Robert Mackey, Manager, SAE J518 Champion, Lead Expert ISO TC131 SC4 WG2, MAIN Manufacturing Products, Inc. ISO 6162-1/SAE J518-1 (Code 61) and ISO …

Two New Fluid Power Standards Published

Standardization development continues in the field of fluid power systems and components. TC 131 – the technical committee directly responsible for fluid …

ISO 4405 (Determination of Particulate Contamination by the Gravimetric Method)

By Sneha Swaminathan, Hollingsworth & Vose, and Susan Goldsmith, IBR Laboratories This update is a technical summary of work done by the ISO 4405 …

What is the Real Size of that Pump?

Revisions to ISO 8624: A standard for determination of the derived capacity of hydraulic pumps and motors By Jose M. Garcia-Bravo, CFPS, and Jason Nicholson …

Why We Need a Global Standard to Measure Shifting Time of a Control Valve

By Mary Dyksterhouse, Lab Manager at Parker Hannifin Pneumatic Division, Nominated by the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to become the next convenor of TC …

ISO 11727 Port Identification

Dennis Bonacorsi- Chief Engineer (retired)- Numatics, Inc., Prior Member ISO TC 131/SC 5/WG 3 Pneumatic Valves Proper paths are a very important requirement …

History of the ISO 3601 Series of Standards for O-Rings

By Ronald E. Zielinski, President, PolyMod Technologies, Inc., Chairman of the U.S. TAG for TC 131, U.S. Expert and Project Leader to TC 131 SC7, and Christa …

Pneumatic Cylinder ISO Standards

Let’s start with a little background on the ISO committees. ISO TC131 is the committee responsible for fluid power. One of the groups underneath TC131 is …

Benefits of Designing Hydraulic Equipment with Hydraulic Cylinders Per ISO Standards

By Lido Boni, Past Convenor, ISO TC 131/SC3/WG1 Hydraulic Cylinders There are four main ISO standards for mounting dimensions related to hydraulic cylinders. …

Select The Right Hydraulic Component Using Hydraulic Pump & Motor ISO Standards

By Jose M. Garcia Bravo, Ph.D., CFPS The International Standards Organization (ISO) helps hydraulic pump and motor users, manufacturers, and researchers …



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