Fluid Power Journal

Vacuum Measurement: A Basic Guide

There is often much confusion with regards to the units used to measure the level of vacuum being generated in an industrial application. This article explains …

Don’t Choke!

One of the more confusing aspects of vacuum pick-and-place systems is vacuum flow. Flow in a vacuum system, like any other fluid power project involving …

Basic Vacuum Pump Choice

The consideration of which vacuum pump to select is based on many factors. This article explains the fundamental differences between three very common vacuum …

Vacuum Lifting Fundamentals

There is often much confusion with regards to the units used to measure the vacuum level being generated in an application. This article explains which ones …

Storage of Pneumatic & Vacuum Components

The primary materials (excluding electronics) in industrial pneumatic and vacuum components subject to degradation under adverse conditions are the elastomers …

Minimizing Vacuum Leakage

In many vacuum-lifting applications, air leakage is experienced through interconnecting pipe work, porous product materials, or vacuum suction cups that are …

Vacuum Valves

Click images to enlarge The most common form of vacuum generation is a vacuum venturi, often referred to as a “vacuum pump.” This can be misleading because …

Industrial Pressure Switches

The industrial pressure switches offer ranges from vacuum to 10,000 psi with wetted-parts material options to fit multiple applications, such as HVAC, gas …

Ergonomic Lifting Made Easier with Vacuum Technology

Apart from being backbreaking work, the lifting of heavy objects can so easily end in disaster. According to the laws of physics, the gravitational potential …

Vacuum Priming Systems

Walk into just about any private or government-run water pumping station where there is a need to pump water vertically from a lower level to a higher level, …



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