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Things to Remember for an Equipment Maintainer

THINGS TO REMEMBER if you are an equipment/machine maintainer, whether industrial, mobile, or even pneumatic:

  • When selecting a replacement hose, consider application, pressure range, and fluid to be conducted.
  • Compatible hose fittings must be selected to match the hose manufacturer. According to ISO 17165-2 (2006) section 6, “Hose from one manufacturer and hose fittings from another manufacturer shall not be intermixed without approval from both manufacturers.”
  • Ensure the bulk hose you select meets the requirements laid out in ISO 17165-2 (2006) Paragraph 9.2.2.
  • During assembly, most manufacturers recommend that hose insertion depth be marked.
  • After using the proper crimper, the crimp diameter should be measured to ensure that the manufacturers’ specification is met.
  • According to manufacturers if the proper hose is used with the proper fittings and crimped to the proper manufacturer specification, you can forgo proof testing as all manufacturers proof test hose runs when the bulk hose is made.

Thus, select right, assemble right, install right, and you will be safe.

Rickey L. Rodeffer, CFPS, CFPAI


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