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Watts It All About with Dan Helgerson

Welcome to a fluid power blog focusing on best practices, energy efficiency, and safety. The goal is to stimulate (not simulate) thinking, share knowledge, and promote professionalism. We welcome your comments as we share ideas, yours and mine.

Dan-HelgersonDan Helgerson, CFPAI, CFPS, sits on the International Fluid Power Society Board of Directors as treasurer and is the technical editor for Fluid Power Journal. He can be reached at Dan@DanHelgerson.com

Visit his website at www.DanHelgerson.com

Focus On Energy

This is what we know: An electro-mechanical system can operate at about 96% overall efficiency. A typical hydraulic system will operate at about 78% overall efficiency. Down at the bottom of the list we find that a typical pneumatic system is about 6% efficient. So, this begs the question; with the price of energy constantly increasing and with […]

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Ok, I Admit It. I Made A Mistake.

It has been my focus to design energy efficient Fluid Power Systems.  To me, every lost BTU or SCFM is a failure.  I joke when seeing large heat-exchangers that it is like seeing work done by a carpenter who uses 12 inch trim.  The heat-exchangers cover up a problem, addressing the symptom but not the […]

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The “Cart and Horse Syndrome”

The “Cart and Horse Syndrome” I had an opportunity to attend a meeting with some folks who are much more qualified than I, to discuss establishing a standard for efficiency in fluid power systems.  As I listened, I was pleased to realize that I am not quite as alone as I had thought when it […]

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