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Available IFPS Certifications
Certified Fluid Power Accredited Instructor

Certified Fluid Power Authorized Job Performance Proctor

Certified Fluid Power Authorized Job Performance Proctor Connector & Conductor

Certified Fluid Power Engineer

Certified Fluid Power Specialist (Must Obtain CFPHS, CFPPS)

Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist

Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Specialist

Certified Fluid Power Master Technician (Must Obtain CFPIHT, CFPMHT, & CFPPT)

Certified Fluid Power Industrial Hydraulic Technician

Certified Fluid Power Mobile Hydraulic Technician

Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Technician

Certified Fluid Power Master Mechanic (Must Obtain CFPIHM, CFPMHM, & CFPPM)

Certified Fluid Power Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic

Certified Fluid Power Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic

Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Mechanic

Certified Fluid Power Master of Industrial Hydraulics (Must Obtain CFPIHM, CFPIHT, & CFPCC)

Certified Fluid Power Master of Mobile Hydraulics (Must Obtain CFPMHM, CFPMHT, & CFPCC)

Certified Fluid Power Master of Industrial Pneumatics (Must Obtain CFPPM, CFPPT, & CFPCC)

Certified Fluid Power Connector & Conductor

Fluid Power System Designer

(In Development) Mobile Electronic Controls

(In Development) Industrial Electronic Controls


Live Q&A Session on HS Certification

Preparing to take the hydraulic specialist certification and a little stuck? IFPS Technical Director Tom Blansett, CFPAI, will answer your questions on the …

IFPS Announces 2022 Board of Directors

The International Fluid Power Society is pleased to announce that Denis Poirier Jr., CFPHS, CFPAI, CFPAJPP/AJPPCC, CFPCC, CFPIHM, was elected 2022 president …

New Job Performance Test Locations Announced

Need a job performance test to complete your certification? IFPS recently added testing locations in 14 U.S. states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, …

Study Manual FAQs

A frequently asked question is, How can I get an IFPS Certification Study Manual? Members can download study manuals for free. Others can purchase a download …

Five Facts About IFPS Certification

1IFPS certifications are portable. Example: Mary Smith, CFPHS. The certification designation goes with you wherever your career takes you. 2IFPS …

Upcoming Workshops

IFPS is offering two workshops on certifications for Accredited Instructor (AI) and Authorized Job Performance Proctor (AJPP). The workshops take place Oct. …

Fluid Power Symbology Guide

  Member Price: $12.85 • Non-member: $16.00 This 30-page guide presents fluid power symbols commonly used within ISO 1219-1 and 2 standards and …

IFPS Annual Meeting Set for October

The International Fluid Power Society’s annual meeting takes place in person Oct. 5-7 in Reno, Nevada.  IFPS hosts the Fluid Power Hall of Fame awards …

May 2021 Newly Certified Professionals

AUTHORIZED JOB PERFORMANCE PROCTOR  John Popek, Perfection Servo Hydraulics Adam Smith, Controlled Fluids Inc. MASTER OF INDUSTRIAL PNEUMATICS holds PT, PM, …

Survey Shows High Job Satisfaction, Aging Workforce

By Michael Degan, Editor, Fluid Power Journal — Most fluid power professionals are satisfied with their jobs, according to a survey by the International …

Certification Testing Locations

Individuals wishing to take any IFPS written certification tests can select from convenient locations across the United States and Canada. IFPS is able to …

Tentative Certification Review Training

IFPS offers onsite review training for small groups of at least 10 persons. An IFPS accredited instructor visits your company to conduct the review. Contact …

Fluid Power Symbology Guide

Member Price: $12.85 • Non-member: $16.00 This 30-page guide presents fluid power symbols commonly used within ISO 1219-1 and 2 standards and illustrates the …

Make Sure You Have the Most Up-To-Date Hydraulic Specialist  Study Manual

Your Hydraulic Specialist Study Manual should be dated 4/5/2021. If your study manual has any other date, you can still use it. However, the updated study …

Geared-Up-Grad Sweepstakes Winner

Conrad Adams from Purdue University was the winner of the IFPS Geared-Up-Grad Sweepstakes. Conrad majors in mechanical engineering and has participated in some …

Keeping the Lights on During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, Altec customers still had to keep the lights on. From utilities to telecommunications to tree care to lights and signs, all industries had …

Animated Hydraulic Circuits Available

                    The IFPS color-coded, animated mp4 and wmv files of each circuit operation use …

2021 Spring Meeting Recap

The IFPS Spring Meeting was held virtually and in person in San Antonio, Texas. It was great to see everyone in person! IFPS thanks all the companies who …

IFPS Names Hall of Fame Inductees

The success of the fluid power industry lies not in pumps, valves, and cylinders. Rather it is through the efforts of dedicated individuals that the industry …

A Few Weeks Left to Be Heard 

We want to hear from you! The ongoing salary survey from Fluid Power Journal and the International Fluid Power Society tells us more than how much money you …



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