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For American quality, there is only one choice… Your Cylinder Source®.


Working in 265,000 square feet Yates produces the full spectrum from massive steel mill operations to precision tolerance machine tooling. Yates’ standard and custom designed hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders have powered some of the world’s most prominent manufacturing processes.

Yates has firmly set its reputation as the most comprehensive manufacturing and repair facilities in the industry as well as striking the perfect balance between big business manufacturing capabilities and small business service values.

Yates is keeping the American industry moving, one cylinder at a time.

Yates Cylinders, Inc.
586.778.7680 • sales@yatesind.com
Yates Cylinders Alabama
256.351.8081 • decatur@yatesind.com
Yates Cylinders Georgia
678.355.2240 • salesga@yatesind.com

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