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ASG’s Introduces GHS-19 Series LVIT Sensor

G. Schaevitz’s Alliance Sensors Group recently introduced its GHS-19 series of spring-loaded LVIT gauging sensors. They are contactless devices designed for dimensional gauging and position measurements in factory automation and various industrial and commercial applications where the sensing element cannot be attached to the object being measured. 

GHS-19 features include low-cost drop-in replacement for spring-loaded LVDTs, with same connector and pinouts; 0.75-inch (19-mm) diameter aluminum or stainless steel body with1/2-20 mounting thread; full-scale ranges from 0.25 to 4.0 inches (13 to 100 mm); 1-pound (0.45-kgf) maximum tip force; and contactless operation that prevents sensor wear out from dithering or rapid cycling.

Operating from a variety of DC voltages, the sensors are available with a choice of one of four analog outputs, and they all include ASG’s proprietary SenSet field calibration feature.

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