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ASG’s LV-45 Series Sensors Withstand Rugged Duty

G. Schaevitz LLC, Alliance Sensors Group has released its LV-45 series of inductive contactless linear position sensor using LVIT technology. 

The LV-45 linear position sensors are specifically designed for measuring applications requiring rugged devices. The sensors can withstand the high vibration and severe shock environment found in steel, aluminum, and paper mills, as well as temperature extremes and humidity of outdoor applications.

The LV-45 series uses a proprietary inductive technology that allows it to replace traditional DC-LVDTs in most applications. Its simple coil design permits the sensor to be both shorter and more rugged than its DC-LVDT counterpart while operating over a wider temperature range. The LV-45 series is available with optional mounting flanges, rod eye ends, connector or cable terminations, and a captive connecting rod assembly that cannot break loose. The SenSet range adjustability feature allows the user to scale the sensor’s zero and full span output to the actual range of motion of the workpiece being measured after the sensor is installed.  

For more information, visit http://alliancesensors.com/lvit-linear-position-sensor-lv-45-series.

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