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Coval announces a new Easy Clean vacuum pump in its Wash Down range designed for intensive and frequent cleaning

Good hygiene is paramount to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Manufacturing must ensure product quality and thus protect the consumer against any risk. Components used near the manufactured products or which come into in direct contact with them must easily cleaned on a very regular basis. COVAL offers a new Wash Down range of suction cups and vacuum pumps that can be exposed to water and humidity and quickly dismounted, while still maintaining a high performance level. They fully meet the strict hygiene requirements of these industries.

Suitably-designed components

The various components of Coval’s Wash Down range, the Easy Clean vacuum pump and the associated suction cups, inserts and accessories perfectly tolerate splashing water spray and humid environments and can be used near food or pharmaceutical products. They are designed to favour smooth surfaces and retention-free areas in order to prevent any risk of contamination. As they are made of plastic and stainlesssteel materials, the pump components contribute to preserving product hygiene. In addition, each of them is designed and manufactured for effortless assembly as well as to facilitate and speed up cleaning using any type of technique.

No more need to choose between maximum hygiene and productivity.

A new Easy Clean vacuum pump

The nozzle profile of the mixer of the Easy Clean pump in the Wash Down range operates at 4 bar, thus optimizing performance and increasing the efficiency of the suction flow rate. Its compact and lightweight design allows the pump to be installed as close as possible to the suction cups in order to improve production rates. The production lines are thus more efficient and operate in a way that respects the food environment.

Productivity is increased while maintaining a high level of quality and reducing production and maintenance costs.

Materials compatible with hygiene standards

In addition to the pump, COVAL offers the food industry a wide range of silicone suction cups, compatible with FDA food standards and European directives.

Coval’s new Wash Down range is an effective solution in terms of quality, productivity and hygiene for production in humid environments.

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