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Daman Offers Deburring Services

Thread burrs are strings that cannot be detected by the human eye and often reveal themselves after a fitting or valve is screwed into the port then removed.

Daman Products now offers thermal deburring services for standard and custom manifold projects. Thermal deburring removes all burr particles to ensure manifolds are 100% free of burr contamination, replacing the previous manual deburring process that is known to cause employee stress and introduce the potential for human error.

Benefits of thermal deburring include: products are 100% free from burr contamination; a cleaner, safer work environment; complete removal of burr particles; refines overall production efficiency; improved throughput; and less time and energy expenditures.

For more information, email quotes@daman.com, call (800) 959-7841, or visit www.daman.com/.

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