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Donation in Memory of Richard Bardos

An FPEF memorial donation was made in memory of Richard Bardos, who passed away in 2013, with the request that the money be used for a student who displayed hard work and dedication—two qualities in which Richard firmly believed. Nathan Brace, Iowa State University, who earned the top score in the Board of Trustees’ voting process, received a $2,000 scholarship underwritten by the Richard Bardos Memorial Donation.

fpef3“I am humbled to receive this scholarship as the donation was made in memoriam. Thank you to the family of Richard Bardos and the Fluid Power Educational Foundation for the scholarship award to support my education at Iowa State University.  As an engineering student interested in the fluid power industry, it is very much appreciated to help pay my tuition.”
Nathan Brace, CFPHS, Iowa State University

fpef paulson“I am very honored and thankful to be a recipient of the Fluid Power Educational Foundation scholarship for 2014.  I would like to say thank you to the selection committee for selecting me for this prestigious scholarship. This scholarship will help me finish paying for my Associates Degree in Fluid Power Engineering Technology. You have made a very positive impact in my life.  I am excited to move forward with my career in the Fluid Power industry.”
Dillon Paulson, Hennepin Technical College, Eden Prairie Campus

fpef miller

“As a single parent who’s struggling with balancing work, parenting, and school, this scholarship will ensure that I can spend time with my daughter, as well as get a quality education. Thank you so much!”
Matthew Miller, CFPS, Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park Campus


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