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Eaton Launches Contamination Control System

Eaton Launches Contamination Control SystemEaton recently introduced a mobile fluid contamination control system for hydraulic fluids. 

Suitable for both pressurized online operation and unpressurized sampling of fluids, the CCS 5 system quickly and accurately determines the solid contamination particle size distribution, water saturation, and temperature of hydraulic fluids in real time. 

Taking contamination monitoring to the next level, Eaton’s filtration division developed the easy-to-use system, which features a 7-inch color touch screen that works even while wearing latex gloves, ensuring operators hands remain clean at all times. It comes in a sturdy, IP67-rated suitcase that weighs just under 10 kg (22 lbs), making it ideal for portability into remote and harsh environments. Compared to the previous generation model, the CCS 5 system has a 50% longer battery life in suction mode, which means it can be used in the field for longer without requiring access to a power outlet for charging. 

The contamination classes covered by the CCS 5 system are precisely evaluated according to ISO 4406:99, NAS 1638, and SAE AS 4059. The high-resolution screen displays the contamination class distributions as a single bar graph or a chart for continuous measurement. The CCS 5 system comes with all the necessary accessories, including the power adapter, high-pressure hydraulic hose, suction line, instruction manual, and a USB stick. The system can also store up to 100,000 measurement points, which can be downloaded onto a laptop via the USB stick for further analysis.

For more information, visit Eaton.com/filtration.

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