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EXAIR EasySwitch Vac Simplifies Wet and Dry Switching

EXAIR’s new EasySwitch Wet-Dry Vac simplifies the filter-change process when alternating between vacuuming dry materials and liquids. Using minimal compressed air, the EasySwitch pneumatic vacuum works for wet, dry, light, or heavy applications.

The fast and tool-less conversion to vacuuming liquids occurs by releasing one latch, removing the filter element, then securing the latch. Simply reinstall the filter into the lid assembly for dry materials. The CE compliant EasySwitch rests on any 55-gallon drum and uses a standard or HEPA-certified filter for vacuuming dry material. 

The EasySwitch creates a powerful vacuum at a quiet 79 decibels. Because the vacuum generator has no moving parts and uses no electricity, there is little concern for failed parts, motor failure, or working with liquids associated with electric industrial vacuums. 

For more information, visit https://exair.co/easys.

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