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Gefran Expands its Offering with Smaller Transducer

KM Sensors

KM series offers increased functionality and safety in a compact design

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass.– September 19, 2023 –Gefran, Inc. is introducing the KM industrial pressure transducer to the North American market. The KM is smaller than Gefran’s existing KH industrial pressure transducer line but offers improved operational and safety features through environmental ratings and additional certifications. The KM series is available in pressure range options of up to 14,500 psi (1000 bar) and has five electrical connector styles to choose from.

“Our OEM customers are focused on size and weight reductions to help increase equipment fuel efficiency, as well as increasing operator safety in ultra high-pressure applications. The KM is designed to help address these concerns and provide a

high-quality solution that OEMs and engineers can rely on,” said Ron Akers, Gefran’s business development manager. “The KM supports most fluid power applications, including mobile and industrial equipment, and hydraulic tools, like torque wrenches, hydraulic accumulators, and clamping and jacking systems.”

By comparison, both the KM and KH provide quick and reliable measurements, shock resistance up to 100g, and vibration resistance up to 20g. They also have a linearity best fit straight line pressure accuracy of ±0.15% full scale, an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, and SIL2 certification for electronics.

The KM’s stainless-steel housing is under 52 mm in length, the hex’s diameter is 19 mm wide, and it weighs less than two ounces, but the differences between the KM and the KH extend beyond size and weight reductions. The new KM design offers the highest environmental rating at IP69K, a PL’d certification for mechanics, and a cULus certification to meet U.S. and Canadian requirements. The KM also has an increased voltage supply range from eight to 32V and electromagnetic (EMC) stability to withstand up to 100 V/m interference.

“OEMs and engineers are looking for ways to enhance engine fuel economy without sacrificing power and performance. Using the KM series hydraulic pressure transducer can communicate low and high-pressure limits to the controller so the machine can determine when to use energy stored in the hydraulic accumulator at high pressure. Then the controller can use the low-pressure reading of the transducer to direct a valve in the circuit to divert oil flow to recharge the accumulator,” explained Akers.

Along with standard output signals, process connectors, and pinouts for the KM series, Gefran can provide documentation, packaging options, and even customization. The minimum order is 50 pieces and samples are available for the M12 and Deutsch connectors. Lead times start at six weeks.

“With the KM, Gefran now has a high-performance, space-saving solution for the mobile hydraulic industry,” stated Tapan Mody, Gefran’s general manager. “Overall, the KM has specifications equal to or better than our competitors.”

For more information, visit https://www.gefran.com/

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