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HAWE Releases Smart INKA Power Pack

HAWE Hydraulik recently launched its INKA hydraulic power pack featuring a directly attached electronic communication box.

The electronics enable the acquisition and storage of operating data, including extensive diagnostic options and a self-test for all measurement functions. The measured values of the integrated multisensor can be passed on to the higher-level machine controls via an IO-Link interface and processed there.

The extremely compact INKA power pack enables a high degree of automation and process stability. The developers have taken care to keep the internal complexity low. Electronics and software enable adaptation to customer-specific requirements. The unit can therefore be precisely tailored to a specific application and solution.

Engineers used state-of-the-art digital simulation tools to exploit the possibilities of a modern hydraulic power unit in the areas of acoustics, thermals, and strength. HAWE Hydraulik’s compact units have been known for over 40 years for very good heat emission thanks to finned housings and efficient use of motor power. The unit has also reduced noise emissions.

Product configuration can be done online in the HAWE customer portal, where the user receives the corresponding 3D model and the type code to order. The hydraulic power pack can be equipped with a radial piston pump for pressures up to 700 bar or with a gear pump for pressures up to 200 bar. The maximum possible flow rate is 2.2 l/min.

For more information, visit www.hawe.com.



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