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Just Released! Studying For the IFPS PS Test? Want To Enhance Your Existing Pneumatic Skills?

Whether you are studying for the Pneumatic Specialist (PS) Certification test or simply want to enhance your existing hydraulics skills in a convenient and flexible environment, the new interactive PS Study Manual is here to help.

Our newly updated PS Certification Study Manual was transformed from traditional black/white print into a full-color, animated, interactive online learning platform.

  • Schematics are color-coded and animated
  • Contains ISO 1219 symbology
  • Full-color graphics
  • Chapter review questions – interactive (you’ll know immediately if you’ve grasped the chapter information)
  • Voice-over for text for auditory learners
  • Three additional online pre-tests

Introductory price of $299/per user. Cost is $349 effective June 30, 2019. Multiple-user pricing for 5 or more! E-mail sales@ifps.org for details. Visit ifps.technicalclassrooms.com/store or call 800-308-6005.

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