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KNF Introduces FP 70 Liquid Pump

KNF recently expanded its series of smooth-flow liquid pumps with the introduction of FP 70, which combines the low pulsation of a gear or centrifugal pump with the strengths and advantages of diaphragm pumps.

The KNF FP 70 delivers up to 850 ml/min while producing up to 29.4 psig (2 bar) pressure under continuous operation. Thanks to the patented four-point valves, the KNF FP 70 is reliably self-priming, even at low motor speeds. It also can safely run dry, handles liquid transfer gently and cleanly, and is available with chemically resistant flow path materials. With the integration of pulsation dampening technology, there is no need for additional pulsation dampening elements and tubing.

The FP 70 is available with a selection of motors to match the functionality and lifetime requirements of the application – from high-end BLDC to lower-end DC motors. Depending on the operating parameters, the high-end BLDC motor achieves a lifetime of more than 20,000 hours. Additional options include a selection of hydraulic connections and a variety of flow-path materials, including an NSF food-grade version. 

For more information, visit www.knf.com.

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