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Kraft Fluid Systems Invests in Test Stand for Danfoss PVG Line

Kraft Fluid Systems, an industrial distributor of hydraulic equipment and electric drive solutions in the Midwest U.S., has invested in a state-of-the-art hydraulic test stand for their Danfoss PVG Build Center. The new test stand gives Kraft the ability to test high flow rates and doubles their in-house testing capacity.

Kraft tests all PVG valve assemblies with capabilities up to 60 gpm (227 lpm) and 5,000 psi (345 bar), which satisfies common parameters for modern mobile off-highway equipment. The new Kraft-Danfoss test stand was commissioned in October 2020 and is powered by Danfoss components, including a D1P high power pump, Plus+1 electronic controls, DM1000 10-inch display, JS1000 joystick, and an HMR CAN rotary screen navigator. 

Danfoss PVG Valves can be found on many off-highway vehicles where accuracy and control are important when actuating their functions. From a variety of applications such as lifting booms, drilling holes, or rotating specialty attachments, Danfoss PVG Valves integrate multiple functions in a compact package, and provide strong, smooth, and consistent performance.

Kraft Fluid Systems stocks, builds, sells, and services the Danfoss PVG line and can customize assemblies. With thousands of Danfoss items in inventory, Kraft can deliver complete proportional valve systems to meet customer needs. 

For more information, visit www.kraftfluid.com or www.danfoss.com/en-us/products/valves/dps/pvg-proportional-valves/.

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