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Liebherr Expands Axial Piston Line, Launches Configurator at bauma

Liebherr-Components Technologies, a manufacturer of components for hydraulic control technology based in Bulle, Switzerland, is highlighting its developments in axial piston hydraulics this week at the bauma trade show, which runs to Oct. 30 in Munich, Germany.

At bauma, Liebherr presents two new product developments in the field of axial piston hydraulics, a concept study of a parallel pump with an innovative control system, and an online configurator.

DPVO 550i

The mining and industrial sectors as well as maritime applications place increasing demands on the availability and longevity of machines and technology. To keep up, Liebherr-Components expands its product portfolio of open circuit pumps by the nominal size of 550, which can also be used as a double pump of 1,100 cm3.


Modularity is the signature trait of the LH30VO family with nominal sizes of 28, 45, and 85. Liebherr further pursues this approach with the inclusion of the nominal size of 100 cm3. Among other things, the LH30VO100 consists of a modular system of eight controllers with a variety of combination options. The variable drive-through concept allows the selection and addition of further pumps when installing them on the machine. With all its nominal sizes, the entire LH30VO pump family offers a wide range of applications from mobile machinery and stationary hydraulics, for primary work functions to secondary applications, such as fans, auxiliary drives, or steering systems.

Concept study

Also at bauma, Liebherr announces a concept study of a parallel pump with an innovative control system.

In the concept study of a compact parallel pump with an electrohydraulic control, Liebherr merges mechanical features with electronics. In addition to the possibility of different gear ratios, this parallel pump offers an ideal solution for machines with conceptually different drive speeds. With the flexibility of a software-based electrohydraulic control, it provides the oil volume flow in an optimized, efficient, and highly dynamic fashion.

For more information, visit www.liebherr.com/hydraulic-pumps.

Online configurator

Liebherr-Components also debuts its new online configurator.

Liebherr offers a versatile selection of easily combinable and modular solutions for a wide range of applications. A milestone is the digitalization of options and features in the form of an online configurator for hydraulic cylinders.

Liebherr makes dedicated use of digitization options to support technicians, buyers, and product managers specifically looking for a product and need a quick solution.

A corresponding 3D simulation provides an up-to-date visual representation of the result. Should the requirement lie outside the range of the construction series, corresponding options are stored to make a special inquiry.

The product configuration is completely anonymous. By means of a self-generating product key, each variation receives an individual code, which can simply be copied and used for recall. Users can manage results in the personal login area, send an inquiry, or receive further information about the product. In addition to a clear data sheet, users can immediately download 3D models of the individually configured cylinder to allow the hydraulic cylinder be installed directly in the customer’s application.

The configurator is currently available in German and English and can be accessed via the Liebherr website. In the future, Liebherr intends to make the configurator available in other languages.

Last year, Liebherr-Components expanded its product portfolio in the hydraulics sector. In addition to hydraulic cylinders, Liebherr recently began offering piston accumulators as a standardized series. This creates the ideal conditions for the integration of these products into the configurator and offering them online in the future.

However, the development of the well-known series is ongoing steadily. Liebherr has already ventured into the future by offering products of the 380-bar (5,511-psi) series in the form of a hybrid cylinder as a separate option; i.e., the classic cylinder in combination with carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic.

For more information, visit https://hydraulic-cylinder-configurator.liebherr.com/.

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