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New PIRTEK Endurance Series® Hose offers superior flexibility, toughness

Durable, high-pressure hose tested at 1 million impulse cycles; an outstanding new agriculture, excavator and forklift hose

Rockledge, FL, USA – April 1, 2019 – PIRTEK USA announces the launch of the PIRTEK Endurance Series® line of compact hydraulic hose, now available at local Service & Supply Centers throughout the United States. Onsite PIRTEK technicians will have this new high-performance hose on hand for their field installations.

The PIRTEK Endurance Series® hose line provides superior flexibility and accommodates a tighter bend radius than conventional SAE hoses. It also stands up to higher pressure ratings and is tested at 1 million impulse cycles.

“This new line of hose handles the intense workloads and higher working pressure that today’s advanced machinery requires, in conjunction with tighter bend radiuses,” said PIRTEK USA Technical Manager, Richard Evans. “The PIRTEK Endurance Series® hose answers the marketplace demand for a premium featured hose with enhanced longevity that is also lightweight.”

The PIRTEK Endurance Series® hose is made of black synthetic rubber that is resistant to oils, abrasion and the effects from ozone. It is suitable for mineral and vegetable oils, aqueous emulsions, water, air and inert gases.

The new hose line tested to 1 million impulse cycles far exceeds the minimum-specified 200,000 impulse cycles for the conventional SAE-rated hoses. Industries that convey petroleum-based media at high pressures will find PIRTEK’s new premium wire-braided hose beneficial, especially for forklifts, excavators, heavy agricultural, maritime and other demanding applications.

“PIRTEK is growing rapidly and we want to make sure our product lines keep pace with technology advancements in the fluid power industry,” said Kim Gubera, PIRTEK USA Chief Executive Officer. “The PIRTEK Endurance Series® hose does just that and is an excellent addition to our products. It’s another great offering for our franchisees as they grow and serve their customer bases.”  

The only franchise brand of its kind in the United States, PIRTEK USA specializes in hydraulic and industrial hose services through its locations throughout the country. PIRTEK USA team members are also available 24/7 to provide onsite repairs to hydraulic and industrial hoses, thanks to the company’s specially equipped Mobile Service Vehicles. PIRTEK boasts more than 400 franchise locations in 23 countries around the world, including 81 in the United States.

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